The Keeper

12 thoughts on “The Keeper”

  1. This one! I love it. Its just plain beautiful. So much raw emotion and creativity it makes my imagination go wild!

    Youve truely outdone yourself. And with the good old rebel as well.

    Its funny because just the other day i saw someone advertising a canon 70d for sale and was thinking about getting it as a step up from mine … And then i thought no.. I will make do with what i have for now and save for a macro lens instead. The only downside id say to the rebel models is the fewer focus points and when i used a 5d for a day i just loved the digital display near the shutter button with the iso aperture and how easy it was to change things. That and the more noise with higher isos but shooting outdoors like you did with this picture thats not much of a problem at all πŸ™‚

    Congrats again. Love the work. I personally would love hanging this on my wall!

    1. The newest photo (the one in the barren landscape with the latern) was actually shot just after sundown and I had to pop the ISO up to 400, which is more than I would have liked, but I dealt with it. Once everything comes together, you really can’t tell so much. And that’s slightly to do with the fact that I add texture on in post anyway and reduce noise.

      Noise is probably the best argument for upgrading if you have to shoot in a lot of low light situations and use higher shutter speeds. There’s usually a work around though – instead I could have shot on a cloudy day instead of so late in the day. I would have gotten a similar light distribution (which was my main concern – I want very diffused light in all my photographs) but still had enough light to shoot at ISO 100.

      I’ll see if I can come up with an indoor one next. I have a couple of cloudy day ones to do outside today though πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the support ❀

  2. Thank you for the follow of my blog.

    I must say my heart did a huge leap when I saw I had gained a follower who was not a food or fashion blogger (no offense to either), but a real live person who takes photos, but also seems to think along the same lines as I do.

    I love that you turned her dream / vision into an image, that is artistry right there…

    1. Oh man, I understand your feelings so much. I’ve been spending time trying to actively find people who are passionate about the same things I am, and it’s so much harder to find then you’d think. It’s one thing to like the photographs – it’s a whole other thing to engage completely and mutually talk about art and images.

      Glad to have found your blog ❀

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