A Step (in what I hope is a right direction)

4 thoughts on “A Step (in what I hope is a right direction)”

  1. Sounds good, Jen. You do such beautiful work. I’ve missed seeing you around on dA and elsewhere. If you are going to have a career in photography you have to be an entrepreneur. I am not. I just don’t know how to do it. Having my own business doesn’t interest me. So photography remains an avocation. I turn 65 in June and may eventually be able to retire and concentrate more time and energy on landscape and people photography. That’s where my heart is.

    1. It’s nice to hear from you, Steve! I’ll come back around – I’m currently doing a stint away from social media (aside from this website). So, gone for awhile, but not forever.

      I feel like this is a stepping stone for me. Right now, I’m working as a pharmacy assistant and I have plans to go get a certificate in accounting to go hand in hand with starting my own business. Where I’d like to be – creating book covers and teaching workshops. And some other things in between, selling prints, what have you.

      I’m 23 now. I want to make sure I spend my life doing something that fulfills me.

      I really hope you reach your dream soon.


  2. Good for you Jen. I also miss you in the Facebook group, but still follow your work here. If ever you’re interested, I can arrange for you to meet with my cousin Dominique Rey who teaches fine art photography at the U of M and is an internationally known artist. She has a very different style, but lots of insight when it comes to the world of fine art. I’m an introvert too (hence never attending a King’s Head group meet), but Dominique is uber friendly and kind. No pressure! I’ll keep admiring your work from the sidelines! Cheers! ~ Miguel

    1. Hey, Miguel! I miss you guys too – almost past the halfway mark for my year away though! It’s been an interesting time, though.

      I’d love to meet your cousin! That sounds like it could be a great opportunity to maybe gain some more insight. I think I’ve got a good idea of where to go next, but a second opinion from someone who understand that area more would be invaluable.

      Hope life has been treating you well! How goes the photography work? 🙂

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