The Value of Critique

9 thoughts on “The Value of Critique”

  1. I face the same issue, I have done shoots previously and not used any photos, I can sometimes be quite negative towards my work, I am trying to over come that by doing a 365 day challenge, to take and post a photo each day, it may not be perfect but it is something that will help me overcome the self doubt of your own work.

    Your work is stunning so you got nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t see being imperfect as a negative thing, though. I see it as a positive thing – a sign that I have more to learn. As you learn and improve, you also learn that there is always some higher goal to be met. If I think my work as being good enough now, then what motivation do I have to keep pushing boundaries and become better?

      The answer is my work is never good enough, and that’s a beautiful, wonderful thing.

      360’s are okay, but artistic inspiration waxes and wanes. If you have a day when you aren’t feeling inspired and you force it, chances are you don’t produce your best work. Make sure to just keep your chin up and if you need a day off here or there, take it, and make up for it another day. Appreciate the valleys as well as the mountains πŸ™‚

      1. Well said! And couldn’t agree more with you, I still got so much to learn, and will never learn it all, but that’s the challenge isn’t it? Since starting the challenge and the blog, I seem to have gained back the spark to push myself, just hope I don’t lose it πŸ™‚ definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Personally, I like constructive criticism even if it’s not the most pleasant. I have always learned (something) from every comment that has been made about my photography or other creative adventures. Sometimes I learned things that the critic wasn’t even trying to teach me. Every question and answer helps me to learn and to grow and to change for the better, usually , so that works for me. So, yes, critiques good, even when bad , smiles.

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