Getting it in Focus (Understanding Aperture)

Recently, a friend of mine out in Australia-land was asking me questions about aperture – specifically, she was curious on how someone could take a photo of a small object in focus, while still having a relatively blurred background. Having a very solid understanding of how aperture works helps mounds in this aspect, so I …


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The Secret Life of Jen and What She Does With Her Weekend + Free Textures

I really had an amazing weekend full of creativity, learning, and time well spent. It was exactly the kind of weekend I needed, after a long week and with the creative hibernation that I’ve been feeling (screw off, winter!) I’m really, really excited to tell you guys all about it and show you some of … Continue reading The Secret Life of Jen and What She Does With Her Weekend + Free Textures

Second Looks

There are times when I’m just not happy with what I’ve made. I’ll finish the image, and just be left feeling like something wasn’t right. Sometimes, I go back and look later and think I was just in a mood. And sometimes, on rare occasions, I pull it back for a second look in photoshop. … Continue reading Second Looks


It’s been almost three months since I left social media, and things have been quiet. You learn to fill the time you would normally spend reading updates and responding to notifications. It’s hard at first, but I think when next year rolls around I’ll find it harder to reincorporate into my life. I haven’t done … Continue reading Quiet